Ahead of the release of his next record Me vs. Me, 19-year-old NLE Choppa broke down why he thinks he’s been compared to both 2Pac and Michael Jackson.

In a conversation with Power 106 Los Angeles, Choppa spoke about becoming a father, his upcoming album, and comparisons he’s received.

“I don’t know, I feel like I get a lot of Michael Jackson ’cause of the type of energy I bring,” he said. “Somebody even said I look like him, [but] I don’t know about that. … And I get 2Pac, too, because of what I stand for, what type of principles I stand for outside of music. With me, it’s not about the music all the time, it’s about who I can impact. Whose life I can change.

After his comments started to circulate, Choppa offered clarification.

“These comparisons got nothing to do with me MUSICALLY,” he wrote on Twitter. “Everything to do with what I stand for outside of it. I’m prolific I stand for some that can change the world.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Choppa said his Me vs. Me album is made up of both newer material and older, unreleased tracks “so that people can see the growth that I’ve shown musically.” He added, “At the same time, I’m still speaking on the same topics of what my core fans like to hear from me.”

Watch NLE Choppa’s Power 106 interview above.