NLE Choppa continues his reign of terror with the release of his latest single, “Final Warning.”

Like the title suggest, Choppa takes it upon himself to warn any enemy of the damage he can cause throughout the song’s lyrics. 

“Never send a threat on the internet just to prove a point/That dissin’ don’t get into that, we leaving that for the informants,” Choppa raps. “Don’t inform me ‘bout who informing, that’s your final warning.”

The single was produced by Damn E who made a splash with Spottemgottem’s viral hit, “Beat Box.” Choppa’s connection to Spottemgottem is deeper than working with the same producer. He also used the rapper’s beat as the backdrop of his “First Day Out” freestyle which celebrated his release from a Broward County jail.

Choppa’s “First Day Out” then became Spottemgottem’s “Beat Box 4.”

Choppa also dropped his new single with some visuals. The “Final Warning” music video was directed by Choppa himself and is filled with an array of effects. There is also no shortage of (prop) guns that are being waved at the camera while Choppa and his friends dance to the song.

Watch NLE Choppa’s video for “Final Warning” up top and stream the track below.