NEZ is reminding listeners where house and dance music’s roots live with his latest single, “To The Money,” which released on Friday.

Along with a chorus from 8ae, the talented Flo Milli helps bring NEZ’s track to life. Milli’s cadence and voice accented the beat perfectly, making her appearance a standout moment. 

“He might blow a check on me because I’m hot/New Versace pants on me cost a lot,” Flo Milli raps. “I set the bar high these bitches can’t top, no these bitches can’t top.”

The single is paired with a greyscale video that highlights a wide array of Black women having fun. When speaking about his single and the video, NEZ explains that the goal is to solidify house music’s Chicago origins. 

“Dance music is Black music. My goal is to bring that conversation back to the forefront. Coming from Chicago, I’m very much inspired by the pioneers of house and techno,” he said in a statement. “This track is very exciting for me because I had the opportunity to experiment with a new sound and bring on artists that I believe in – Flo Milli and 8ae.”

NEZ has been inching hip-hop into house since he took flight as a solo artist in 2020. Now the producer-turned-rapper is ready to open the dance music floodgates.

Listen to NEZ’s new single, “To The Money,” featuring Flo Milli and 8ae above.