A fan on Twitter said this new song “Never Sleep” will be the song of the summer without even hearing it in full. Do you hope to prove them right? Do you think it’ll be a summer hit?
This shit is gonna be playing a lot. The music that I listen to is not along the same lines of my biggest songs like “Turks” or something like that—that’s not even my musical taste. I mean, I just knew I could make it. But I can tell when a song is a hit. I can tell this is gonna go.

When do you know it’s going to be a hit?
I think every song has a sweet spot for everything. Meaning, tuning for all the melodies, tuning for all the notes, making everything in key—the right tempo, the right head on the bass drum or whatever. The right lyrics, the right flow choices. I feel like we found all those pockets. It hits everything. 

“In no order [my top 5 rappers are] Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z. And the last one… last one is tough, man.”

Can you feel the eagerness on your end? How much does fan anticipation drive you these days?
Since the first project we ever put out, we’ve been doing like two projects and a mixtape, album shit, every year. Then Cash [saw] that vision where he was like, “Yo, it’s time to take your time now and take like a year—we’ll drop it later.” When he said that, I really took my time to live life and make a couple of songs here and there when I felt like it. 

I was worried, like, “Am I gonna be done in time, blah, blah.” We went to Miami, rented a house, and did studio [time] there. We picked the best songs out of that trip. And we went to Toronto, and picked the best songs out of that trip. Every recording trip, we picked the best songs and put that album together. I didn’t feel ready for a whole year and a half. But now, once I look at the tracklist, now we’re ready.

Does listening to those songs take you back to those places?

How would you describe your approach to bringing artists together on one of your tracks? Do you automatically know who’s gonna fit where?
Sometimes Cash just knows right away. He’ll tell me and I’ll be like, “Yeah.” There’s a song that I did with Durk, and when I heard the song, I was like “Oh, this will be good on this.” He was thinking the same thing. Usually we think in the same line.

I don’t want to put you on the spot where you have to mention your friends, but I’m curious: Do you have a top 5 favorite rappers of all time?
I knew I’d be asked this question one day. 

You can throw 10 around, no ranking, whatever works for you.
I’ll say five. In no order. Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z. And the last one… last one is tough, man. 

We can leave a blank space if you’d like. 
Blank space for that. Those are my top four. 

Your fellow Canadians have dropped great projects this year, whether it be Dawn FM or Honestly, Nevermind. Do you take notes from what your friends release, before putting out an LP of this magnitude? 
Of course you have to take notes, but then also kind of say, “Fuck it,” and just do it your own way, too. Like, I’m at the point where I have to have my own identity and my own individuality. So I’ll take notes from what people do right or wrong. I’ll learn from a mistake and the things that they did right, but then also have my own direction and just say “Fuck everything, fuck all that noise.” So the balance of the both is awesome. Both of them.

Is that something you had to learn over time?
It’s experience. I have a very experience-dense reality. I’ve experienced so much stuff in just five years. I’ve experienced more in five years than most people do in their whole life. Wisdom comes from experience, in my opinion.