While the latest updates on variants and record-setting COVID-19 case numbers has most of us feeling less-than-enthused about the prospects of a new year, not to mention the sense of disquieting déjà vu brought on by it all, artists and promoters remain optimistic about what 2022 has in store in terms of the festival experience.

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up a selection of highlights from the current 2022 festival lineup, spanning from long-running behemoths to slightly more intimate affairs. While many of these events will have their own pandemic protocols in place, the best course of action from an individual point of view, of course, is to ensure you’re vaccinated and boostered.

Below, see our list of 2022 festivals that should be on your radar, whether attending in-person or opting to enjoy the music from afar. For a roundup of 2022 tours, click here.