Megan Thee Stallion’s Traumazine rollout continues with new footage of her addressing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s headlines-generating proclamation of wanting to be her “pet.”

As previously reported, Johnson was on a promo run (see above) for his and Kevin Hart’s DC League of Super-Pets animated film when he named Megan after being asked to reveal which fellow celeb he’d want to be a “pet” to, later inspiring a playfully disinterested response from Megan’s boyfriend Pardison Fontaine.

“Of all the things to be worried about y’all think I’m mad at the Rock,” he said earlier this week.

During an appearance on SiriusXM Hits 1’s Morning Mash Up show, Megan was asked to share her own thoughts on the clip, resulting in a hilarious observation about the concept of fame.

“I mean, that’s kinda, like, legendary,” Megan said, as seen in the video up top. “I’m kinda epic. I feel like I used to watch wrestling all the time and, like, being from Houston and watching The Rock and how famous he is and how much of a megastar he is. And he wanna be my pet? Like, period. We made it. We might be a little famous.”

The Traumazine takeover also saw Megan co-hosting Thursday’s edition of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the interview portion of her appearance, Megan and Jimmy went deep on all things Hot Cheetos, including some insight on a pre-signing Roc nation meeting during which Jay-Z made a surprise pop-in (as did a full spread of Hot Cheetos).

Closer to the seven-minute mark, Megan noted Traumazine marked the “longest time” she’s ever spent recording an album. In fact, she revealed, those sessions resulted in “at least” 50 songs before narrowing them down to the final 18-track offering.

“As an artists sometimes, like, your label can kind of try to control you and tell you what to do,” said Megan, whose issues with 1501 Certified Entertainment have spurred numerous headlines. “They kind of pick your songs for you. But I feel like I made it a point to write all songs that I loved and I liked and that meant something to me.”

See more of the Megan-assisted edition of the Tonight Show below.

Meanwhile, Megan’s interview with SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie will premiere on Hip Hop Nation this coming Tuesday. See a preview below.