Meek Mill expressed frustration with “the blogs” today regarding their coverage of Eric Riddick’s recent plea deal, saying they only focused on him and his tweets and not on the man who deserved all the attention.

“Yesterday I help a innocent man gain his freedom back he had life in prison …. on the net I was trending for a pause basically lol them blogs got y’all,” Meek wrote on Twitter. “Go check blogs pages ...don’t post positive post just the goofy shit… y’all sheep and be serious lol.” Meek was speaking on the fact that he was trending after asking the Twittersphere where he could find “vibrating panties.” “I need vibrating panties with the remote lol," he wrote. “They on Amazon? Lol.” Social media was quick to clown the rapper, just as they were back in April when Meek asked what a "pH balance was” beneath Justin Laboy’s Instagram post. Both instances caused Meek to trend.

Meanwhile, Meek was hard at working helping to bring national attention to the case of Eric Riddick, a Philadelphia man who was wrongly convicted and spent 29 years in prison for a murder he said he didn’t commit. Riddick, 51, was finally released after agreeing to a plea of no contest third-degree murder with time served. A Court of Common Pleas Judge examined Eric Riddick’s 1992 first-degree murder conviction after his defense attorneys claimed that evidence hadn’t been shared with the defense during trial.

“He’s going to be free. It doesn’t matter what they say because I know he’s innocent,” Eric’s mother said when asked whether they would seek exoneration. “That’s on the back burner because I already know the truth. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me.”

Meek spoke actively about Riddick’s case during his push for criminal justice reform. The rapper, who was also at one point Eric’s cellmate, also convinced his attorneys to work with Eric’s in order to secure a release. But as Meek pointed out, fans seemed more preoccupied with his “vibrating panties” than with his work as a social justice hero.