Master P has sent a clear message to anyone who questions his success.

The 54-year-old music mogul returned this week with “Look at All These Haters,” a new single that aims to “educate” listeners about different issues plaguing the culture. According to a press release, these problems include everything from internet trolling and fake beefs to rumor spreading and an obsession with going viral. The presser also calls out the media for pushing clickbait stories with complete disregard for the truth: 

… Most media outlets, radio stations and bloggers jump on the bandwagon lacking integrity because they thirst for the same click bait and are cashing in on the destruction of our culture, as fans only hear headlines and not being informed with facts nor truth. Misinformation is never retracted because positivity isn’t profitable.

“How do hatin’ get started ...” Master P raps on the track, “started by jealous people and they get mad over the things you have and the things they’ll never have.” 

Produced by Donald XL Robertson, “Look at All These Haters” is a remix of Master P’s “Stop Hatin” cut from his 1997 effort Ghetto D. Though Master P doesn’t call out anyone by name, it’s worth noting that the track arrived shortly after he was dissed by Wack 100. During a recent Clubhouse chat, the music executive claimed Master P was less wealthy than Nick Cannon, was in debt to the IRS, and didn’t own any of his masters.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to create an empire through music but with product I’ve created generational wealth,” Master P said in a statement announcing his new single. “My message to my fans and the next generation and even to the misguided, don’t be afraid to grow up and change for the better. With Integrity and hard work no dream is impossible. Negativity and hate will get you nowhere. Life is too short. Material things are temporary. Success isn’t measured by what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that matters and makes a difference.”

You can listen to “Look at All These Haters” via YouTube above.