Mach-Hommy, known for his eccentric flows and clandestine image, is gearing up to drop his full-length project executive produced by Westside Gunn. Pray for Haiti is set to release later this week and “Stellar Ray Theory” is the first single. The song is produced by Conductor Williams and it’s smooth as hell. Mach’s delivery is calm as he references Ghostface’s “The Sun” and Jay-Z’s “Takeover” mixed in with his signature wordplay.

Hommy had this to say about his upcoming album: “Please. I’m a need y’all to rain dance. This rap shit is too dry right now.” Westside added, “Once a rebel always a rebel, we cooked an overall hip-hop classic.” Listen to the track up top and check out the tracklist below.

1. “The 26th Letter” (Prod by Denny Laflare)
2. “No Blood, No Sweat” (Prod by Camoflauge Monk)
3. “Folie A Deux” f/ Westside Gunn & Keisha Plum (Prod by Conductor Williams)
4. “Makrel Jaxon” (Prod by Conductor Williams)
5. “The Stellar Ray Theory” (Prod by Conductor Williams)
6. “Marie” (Prod by Cee Gee)
7. “Leta Yo (Skit)”
8. “Kriminel” (Prod by Nicholas Craven)
9. “Pen Rale” (Prod by Sadhu Gold)
10. “Murder CZN” f/ Westside Gunn (Prod by Camoflauge Monk)
11. “Magnum Band” f/ Tha God Fahim (Prod by Messiah Musik)
12. “Rami” f/ Westside Gunn (Prod by Camoflauge Monk)
13. “Kreyol (Skit)”
14. “Au Revoir” (Prod by DJ Green Lantern)
15. “Blockchain” (Prod by Camoflauge Monk)
16. “Ten Boxes – Sin Eater” (Prod by Denny Laflare)

Pray for Haiti drops this Friday, May 21. You can pre-save and pre-order the project here.