Rising Mississauga-based R&B artist Luna Elle has just dropped a soulful new song, “Flaws.”

Just 16 years old, Elle displays impressive range and maturity on the slow-burning track. In a sultry, smoldering baritone, she croons about embracing a lover who doesn’t necessarily fit her idealized notion of the perfect mate, and vice versa. 

“In the chorus, I say, ‘Love ain’t nothing like the movies, it’s not always fun.’ I feel like we are so influenced by the media, not necessarily just movies but social media,” she tells Complex Canada. “There’s a lot of celebrity couples that you can’t imagine arguing, but they do just like everyone else. So this lyric is a reminder that you won’t always see eye to eye in a relationship and it’s perfectly normal.”

Elle recently caught the attention of Shaquille O’Neal, who shared a clip of the artist performing on his Instagram with the caption, “@lunaellemusic is next up you heard it here first.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” Elle says about the co-sign from the Hall of Famer. “Shaq came across my music through my label Hot Freestyle’s Instagram page and sent me a direct message saying, ‘May God continue to bless you’ and then shared my music on his page. I still receive comments and messages from people saying they discovered my music from Shaq’s IG post and I’m forever grateful for his support. Shaq is the best!”

Elle is currently working on an EP, set for release in 2022.