Fans weren’t pleased with Lil Uzi Vert showing up late for his Day N Vegas performance this weekend, but it’s what he said during the show that has them scratching their heads. 

During the Saturday show, where fans say Uzi was 30 minutes late to his set, the rapper’s mic was seemingly cut after a four-track run. He eventually threw the mic into the crowd—something he’s done before in year’s past—and before then, made a statement to his fans. 

“I don’t take no breaks,” Uzi said. “If it’s gettin’ bad, leave. If you ain’t gonna leave, stay.”

While it’s unclear exactly what Uzi was addressing in the two short clips that have been circulating, it appears it may have been in response to fans yelling “stop the show” after crowd members were fainting, according to HotNewHipHop. Uzi insisted to not “stop the rage,” before his set ended abruptly. 

Uzi’s set was followed by Day N Vegas asking fans to take “a few steps back” for attendees in the front, using signs on the stage to send the message.

The rapper’s comments came just a week after the Astroworld Festival tragedy in Houston, where 10 attendees died and 300 were injured. The most recent death that came as a result of the show was that of 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who was in a coma for several days after being trampled at the event.