The modern-day king of remixes hasn’t ended his reign with “Old Town Road.”

After celebrating the success of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” Lil Nas X is hoping to give the fresh chart-topping track some new life, with assistance from Rihanna and Bad Bunny if the stars align. In an interview on Capital Radio with Roman Kemp, Nas toyed with the idea of making “Montero” a posse cut alongside Riri and Bad Bunny, saying that he wishes it was already in the pipeline. 

“Rihanna and Bad Bunny,” Nas quickly shared when Roman asked him who his dream team-up on the track would be. Kemp then responded, saying “It makes me feel like this may already be in the pipeline.”

“I wish,” Nas added. ““What if I ask for it? I don’t want to jinx it.”

Jinx it or not, the song could possibly extend its reign on the Hot 100, where it hit No. 1 just a couple of weeks back. This week, however, Nas told fans that the track was disappearing from streaming services, going as far as asking them to screen record the track and save it to their phone galleries out of caution. 

While all seems to be going according to plan now and Nas hasn’t tweeted about any such problems in a bit, it could be the perfect time for Riri and Bad Bunny to give the track the extra oomph it needs to return on top of the charts. Only time will tell if they will.