Two of Lil Baby’s songs received new RIAA certifications this week, one of them released almost five years ago.

“In a Minute” was certified platinum on July 22, but 2017’s “Freestyle” was certified triple platinum over three years after it achieved its double platinum distinction. The track has recently gotten renewed interest and charted on both Spotify and Apple Music. 

The certification comes as Lil Baby’s firstborn son Jason Jones participated in the TikTok “Microphone Challenge.” The 6-year-old makes his way through a tour bus in the viral clip, getting handed a stack of cash and substituting a PlayStation 5 controller for the microphone. Baby’s son can be heard reciting the song word-for-word in the video.  

@4pcketsfull #lilbaby #freestyle #fypシ #microphonechallenge #viral ♬ original sound – 4PF

It’s unclear exactly how much of an impact the video had on the renewed interest in the track, but it’s remained a fan favorite since it dropped in late 2017. Fans are so enamored with “Freestyle,” in fact, that one launched a petition calling for the “Star-Spangled Banner” to be ditched as the national anthem in favor of Lil Baby’s smash.

“Given recent events that have shaken the nation, we the people, have proposed a new anthem,” reads the hilarious petition, launched by fan Tytus Latrelle. “One fitting of the modern-day climate and America we live in. Just as flags are retired, so should our very own national anthem.” One viral video on TikTok even shows how much the song could work as a national anthem.