Latto Claps Back at Twitter User Claiming Her Boyfriend Did ‘Bare Minimum’ After Rapper Shared Text Exchange

The “Big Energy” MC shared a sweet text exchange with her significant other, where he told Latto everything is “falling in place” for her right now.

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Latto has been in a relationship for two years privately, but that doesn’t mean her unnamed boyfriend isn’t supportive.

On Monday, the “Big Energy” MC shared a text exchange with her significant other, where he told her everything was “falling in place” for her. As she shared, her “man got me crying in the hookah bar yall.”

Despite the special moment, one Twitter user accused her boyfriend of doing the “bare minimum,” which Latto clapped back at hard, listing off the numerous gifts and gestures he’s treated her to since the start of their romance, one that she’s kept relatively under wraps. 

“What’s bare minimum?” reads the artist’s quote tweet; the post containing the user’s remark has since been deleted. “The Lamborghini he bought? The pink corvette? The pink Richard Mill? 1 of my 20 birkins? Aint nun bare minimum bout my love life babe. Not to mention I GET THE DICK TO MYSELF. But it’s his emotional support that do it for me! U hating from outside the club.”

Latto opened up about her relationship during a lengthy discussion with Hollywood Unlocked this week, much to interviewer Jason Lee’s surprise. When he asked her about the partnership, she shared that she doesn’t “like to speak on it.

“I just don’t make it a public thing,” she said in the above video. “Like I’ll tell people, ‘yeah, da-da-da, ’cause I got a man or whatever.’ I just don’t want to make it a public thing. I feel like I have to expose so much of my life unwillingly already.”

After Lee asked Latto if her boyfriend has stayed “secure and solid the whole way,” she approved, saying she doesn’t think he’s “going nowhere” after he’s “been there at my worst.”

“And he helps me, too. A lot of the times, the industry try to paint it like it’s a distraction to be in a relationship. My relationship has helped me behind the scenes and in the actual industry. Emotionally, when I’m just over it, when I need advice and I need to know certain things that I didn’t know, he be there for me,” she explained.

Around the 34:25 mark, Latto touched on her feelings on Cardi B, and how she’s been able to balance a career and children while succeeding at both. The 23-year-old also shared with Lee that a baby could be in her future in the next two or three years. 

“That’s just the stigma for women, that’s another reason why it’s harder for women,” she said, after adding she has no problem going toe-to-toe with men in the game. “Some of these n***as be having multiple babies a year. And they good to go…I really do love that about Cardi though, she don’t even know that’s another reason that she has inspired me, because she just made me realize that I don’t have to choose my career or me. I can do both. That girl be bussin’ it open, pregnant and all. Award shows and shit.”

Around the 36:58 mark, Lee asked Latto who she hates in “the industry,” and after a chuckle, she kept her answer vague. 

“It’s a couple CEOs, and I’m not gonna get too specific about roles in the industry, but it’s a couple old white men that think they can just come in and culture vulture this shit and steal from young artists, and we not going for that,” Latto said. “And I’m not going for that...if you keep fucking pushing me, I’m a ticking time bomb and I’m gonna expose your ass ’cause nobody speaks on this. I’ll gladly be the first to speak on it for sure.”

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