On January 20, the final day of Donald Trump’s presidency, Kodak Black was granted commutation, shortening the rapper’s 46-month sentence for falsifying information on federal forms to buy firearms. 

After initially thanking Trump on Twitter, the rapper dropped his first post-prison record, “Last Day In,” where he shouted out the former president for commuting his sentence. “Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money,” he rapped on the song. “All they hatin’ presidents has become evident to me.”

Kodak’s attorney Bradford Cohen also confirmed his client’s release, telling the Miami Herald, “He is out. His plans are to decompress for a period and take it all in. He is appreciative to the president and his team for giving him this chance.” 

Though Kodak Black is out of prison right now, his freedom might not last much longer. That’s because he still has a pending case for criminal sexual misconduct in South Carolina, which he was indicted for in 2017. Due to Kodak’s long history of legal troubles and the length to which this particular case has been drawn out, a lot of information has been left out of the conversation and the whole thing is confusing to follow. So, here is a breakdown of what’s happening in Kodak Black’s ongoing criminal case.