Vancouver-based artist Kimmortal dropped their latest single “This Dyke” today along with a claymation video showing them riding a motorbike with their partner.

The self-produced song is a queer anthem primed for the clubs with its booming bass and Kimmortal’s unsettling whispery delivery.

“I wanted to create a sexy banger for the dykes, for femmes, for my queer community, and ultimately for me because I have never fully leaned into expressing my queer sexuality in a track and my journey of getting here is what I am most proud of,” Kimmortal wrote in the video’s description.

They also cited the late Sophie, Peaches, Tommy Genesis, Vials, and Rina Sawayama as some of the influences that led to the creation of the song.

“This Dyke” is Kimmortal’s third song of the year following their previous singles “I Can’t Trust You” and “K I’m Mortal,” the latter of which also featured a video with visuals out of left field. 

In 2022, US Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez shouted out Kimmortal’s “Sad Femme Club” which then motivated Kimmortal to release “K I’m Mortal,” the first single of their upcoming yet-to-be-named album in 2023.

The claymation video was designed by Filipino-Canadian visual artist Nofac3.