Kid Cudi says Entergalactic, an experience that will span artistic mediums, is the “greatest piece of art” he’s ever made.

In a series of tweets over the weekend, the Smoker’s Club Fest 2022 headliner expressed excitement over the upcoming album and series, which he noted has been three years in the making. He also confirmed that the dual components of the Entergalactic experience are slated to launch simultaneously, with the advised order of consumption being show first and album second.

“The voice acting was the most fun…the music too but I’ve always wanted to do more voice acting and idk it was like another dream come true foreal,” Cudi, who’s “sooo fuckin’ proud” of the series, said in a response to a fan asking him to name his favorite part of the three-year journey.

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2022 stands to be another prolific year for the Man on the Moon III: The Chosen artist, who’s also set to appear in Ti West’s new A24-backed horror entry X alongside Mia Goth. Earlier this month, a new trailer for the film—also starring Jenna Ortega and Brittany Snow—was released ahead of its March 18 drop date.

Last year, Cudi took on the part of DJ Chello in Adam McKay’s apocalypse-documenting Netflix comedy Don’t Look Up. Amid promo for the movie last month, Cudi detailed the origin of his stage moniker and hilariously reflected on his pre-fame days of working as an Applebee’s server during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. Revisit that here.