There’s a narrative in some circles that Kanye is humorless and unwilling to play into a joke, but Thursday night proved otherwise. After two weeks of memes about Kanye living inside a tiny room in the stadium, he started a round-the-clock livestream from that tiny room. He stopped to lift weights, he did some push-ups, he took a nap, and he invited famous friends to stop by. Obviously he didn’t need to actually work out on-camera (if he needed to pump some iron, there are state-of-the-art facilities in the same damn building). He was smart enough to know that shit would go viral, though, and he kept the meme going by doing push-ups in the middle of the stadium on the livestream. He also ran around in a cape, and effectively reenacted the SpongeBob ascending meme at the end of the performance by floating towards the roof. —Eric Skelton