In an appearance on the new Alo Yoga podcast Alo Mind Full, Kanye West said that he hasn’t read “any book” and compared reading to eating brussel sprouts.

At around the four-minute mark of the podcast, as can be heard below, Ye commented on a reference Alo co-founder Danny Harris made to a book. “When you said I hadn't read this book, I actually haven't read any book,” he said. “Reading is like eating brussel sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.”

His interview with the Alo Yoga team comes just a day after Ye terminated his 10-year partnership with Gap. He doesn’t directly address his waning relationship with Gap or Adidas, with whom he produced Yeezy footwear, during the interview. He does, however, indirectly criticize the two companies.

“I honestly believe that Gap and Adidas are part of a bigger plan to marginalize American companies and American industry,” he said. “Which is the opposite of what Danny’s doing. … In this prison of finger pointing and name calling, a little crack of light, a little Shawshank Redemption came through that prison cell at that factory today.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Ye spoke about advocating for the use of technology in education. “I can have a tendency to just be like paranoid of robots, but it’s a way that we have to exist,” he said. “I mean, Star Wars is my, you know, college. I spent way more hours in Star Wars than I spent in college. 

Kanye has recently delved into the world of education with the launch of the Donda Academy, a California school with almost 100 students enrolled. The Christian prep school has been rather secretive, though, and a Rolling Stone report alleges that parents had to sign NDAs to get their kids enrolled. The school has yet to be accredited, but has started the process by applying to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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