Earlier this month, R&B singer and Love & Hip Hop star Jhonni Blaze was reported missing and fans expressed their concern for her safety. She’s since confirmed that she’s fine, but she spoke briefly about her experiences with her mental health in an interview recorded shortly before 21 Savage’s manager Mega Meezy let his followers know Blaze was allegedly missing.

“Now that I got it together, I would never want to end my life for nobody,” Jhonni said of her multiple suicide attempts at the 11-minute point of the Breakfast Club interview above, which was recorded on Aug. 24. “I wanted to end my life because of what others felt towards me. And I’m like, ‘Dog, fuck you.’” 

In a post shared on Instagram highlighting her interview, Blaze added, “Thank you for holding my interview this was recorded august 24th.” She said it “means a lot to care more bout me and my health then just posting it!” In a Stories post she said “this was recorded before my break down.”

Per the YouTube description, the Breakfast Club team made sure to clarify Jhonni was okay with the interview going live before they uploaded it.

After word circulated last week that Blaze might be missing, it was later confirmed that she was accounted for and “taking a mental break from everything,” per the Neighborhood Talk. In an Instagram update, Jhonni then confirmed to her friends and followers she indeed “took a mental break.”

“I'm done explaining the reasons why. It doesn't help me heal," she said in a post that seems to have been deleted. "You bashing me because you don’t understand depression doesn’t help me. The Black community frowning on depression because we been through so much so we don’t believe it’s real is not helping me. ... Me disappearing meaning getting a hotel and stay off social media cry pray and get back on my medicine was my choice to heal. I wanted to be anonymous no jhonni no Jzapal. I don’t owe that to no one to understand I don’t need clout I’m already known. I needed space."

Watch the Breakfast Club’s full interview with Jhonni Blaze up top.