As this generation continues to push for diversity in creative spaces, groups across the world are holding candid conversations about the racial make-up of today’s business models. Paulina Roe is among one of those prominent voices sparking dialogue among her peers. The Chicago radio personality and host recently aired a special episode of her Jack Daniel’s-sponsored podcast, unEntitled Expressions, called “Somos Vibras: A Conversation on Diversity in the Music Industry.” 

In partnership with Jack Daniel’s, the virtual roundtable included recording artist Amara La Negra, reggaeton historian Katelina “La Gata” Eccleston, music business executive Alejandro Vicuña, and journalist Jennifer Mota. Somos Vibras, which translates to “We Are Vibes,” focused on the often-overlooked contributions of Afro-Latinos to Black history and this community’s long-standing influence on popular music and entertainment.

For those who were not able to catch the conversation live, Jack Daniel’s recorded the passionate exchange between Paulina and her panel of Afro-Latino thought leaders, which you can watch below.