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Congratulations are in order for G Herbo and Taina Williams

The two revealed on Thursday that they have welcomed their first child together into the world. 

Herbo and Williams announced they were expecting a child at the beginning of the year. Like many high-profile couples, they were attempting to keep the child’s gender under wraps but Herbo accidentally disclosed that they were having a son during an Instagram Live video. 

Herbo has another son from his previous relationship with Ari Fletcher named Yosohn Santana Wright. Knowing he would be welcoming another baby boy into the fold was too much excitement for the father to contain.

“I can’t wait to see you embrace your inner strengths & I know my son gonna help you do just that!! I love you! I can’t wait to see my baby boy IK his first words gonna be ‘dada,’” Herbo said in a tweet containing the couple’s maternity pictures. “Yeah I gave the gender away on accident the other day 😂  baby boy + son son = double trouble.”

Congratulations to Williams and Herbo for the newest addition to their family.