Funk Flex has an opinion about everything. Pick any topic about rap, from its origins until now, and he’ll unleash an endless stream of thoughts on the matter. 

Right now, he’s lounging on a vampire red leather couch in “the man cave” of his Westchester County home, spewing out his hottest takes. Some of his opinions are direct, like, “Radio doesn’t break artists anymore. It helps them become superstars.” 

Many of them are quite funny. “Social media has made stand-up street guys become nuts,” he snickers. “Like, ’90s executives and rappers, man. A lot of grown men that I never thought would have acted like this, due to the way their personality was back in the days. Now I watch them lie about what they did and about their participation in shit.”

Some of his views are outwardly harsh. “I firmly believe if you are a rapper that is 35 and older, you should do five-song EPs,” he says. “And I’m really being nice. I don’t want 50 cuts from you, my nigga. You’re going to give me 14 cuts about being inside. I already know what it’s like to be inside.” 

And others, though honest and accurate, are still difficult to accept. “I don’t think DMX is going to make it,” he whispers, his eyes buried in his iPhone screen as he searches for updates. One day later, DMX’s death is confirmed. 

That’s Funk Flex. He always gives you his truth—the fair, the absurd, and the unapologetic—whether you’re ready for it or not. It’s a simple formula that has worked time and time again for over three decades in the music business. And as he nears 30 years on Hot 97, home of his popular nationally syndicated show, while giving his media hub InFlexWeTrust a bigger push, the DJ and radio personality isn’t thinking about slowing down or switching up. 

Gold plaques from his mixtape series 60 Minutes of Funk cover a narrow wall behind the red couch he’s sitting on. Flex rises from his seat only briefly to turn off an arcade game in the corner, which has been making loud explosion noises similar to the Flex bombs that have become a signature part of his show. As he finds a comfortable position once more, he takes me back to the beginning.

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