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New seasons bring new moments—and sometimes they reintroduce us to some of our favorite experiences. 

On the first day of fall 2021, hundreds of lucky New Yorkers got to relive the timelessness of the Fugees. The legendary trio took to the rooftop of Manhattan’s Pier 17 on Sept. 22 for their first live set in 15 years, which Lauryn Hill deemed a “preview” of their upcoming international tour. Lauryn, Wyclef, and Pras will be celebrating 25 years of The Score with 12 shows through the end of year.

Full band in tow, the Fugees collaborated with Global Citizen for a private pop-up show that will be streamed on Saturday as part of Global Citizen Live. They understandably took some time getting reacclimated to working with each other onstage, but the prevailing takeaways from their set were the very elements that compelled so many people to wait so long to see them: exuberance, passion, and heart. They offered a short, unforgettable experience that affirmed the rewards of patience. 

Over three hours late to the stage, the Fugees caused a delay so long that the start of the show veered past the time organizers said it was supposed to end, but fortunately for those in attendance, they couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful setting for us to wait in. The rooftop overlooks lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn skyscrapers, offering a classic New York scenery for Tri-state area stalwarts. And fall kicked in the door with full effect, as a light breeze fluttered through the 78-degree sky.