Fredo Bang is opening up about his entry into fatherhood.

The 26-year-old rapper surprised fans this month when he announced the arrival of his first child, Payton. Fredo shared the big news in a holiday Instagram post, which showed him holding the infant in front of a Christmas tree.

“I’m a Daddy,” he wrote in the caption.

Fredo celebrated the arrival with the release of a new track called “Lullaby” and its official video.

It was later confirmed that Fredo shared the child with Annie and Sevyn Buffins, a lesbian married couple who have gained popularity through their respective social media accounts. Fredo spoke about his new family in a recent interview with VladTV, but declined to say whether his son was conceived through IVF or sexual intercourse.

“I’m a gentleman. I’m not the type to disclose if I’m penetrating or navigating or what happens in my bedroom, you feel me?” he said. “Now listen, if any woman I’ve been with feel like telling what happens in my bed, that’s up to them, but I feel like it’s corny if I was to say if I’m penetrating or not, you feel me?”

Vlad went on to point out that Annie and Sevyn also share a son named Parker, who was conceived through IVF. Though Fredo suggested he was not the boy’s biological father, he still considered him his son.

“He my child too, being that this is his brother … They gon’ be together for life,” the rapper explained. “At the end of the day, that’s my child. I’m always gon’ look over him.”

Annie and Sevyn addressed their latest family addition in an exclusive interview with the Shade Room, confirming that Fredo was Parker’s biological dad; however, they also remained tight-lipped on how their newborn was conceived. 

“As far as our relationship goes with [Fredo], listen, we have a great relationship,” they told the outlet. “It’s a personal relationship and that just is what it is.”

Annie continued: “As far as Payton, I can confirm that Fredo Bang is the biological father of Payton, however he is not the biological father of Parker, whom my wife carried in 2021,”

Fredo said he had met the couple in Miami and instantly clicked with them. 

“I feel like they helping me break down my wall and, you know, even like insecurities and self-esteem,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know I got bad self-esteem problems. They helping me get into an element that I’ve never been in before and more confident in myself … So being that I could see they was already good mothers, when I found out that’s what it was I wasn’t mad about it, you feel me?”

He continued: “I didn’t think I could have kids, actually. I just thought I’d probably just have one because, you know, everybody else be having kids. I just, like, ‘Shit, I can’t have any,’” he said, before touching on his long-distance relationship with the Buffins, who live in Atlanta. “I just be happy, and then when I be away from them, I’m just sad. So I’m still trying to find my balance. I was scared because I’m like, ‘Man, I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to be a father because I’ll be at home and I ain’t doing nothing.’ I just look at a picture and I get sad, you feel me?”

You can hear Fredo’s full comments in the video above.