The smooth vocals of Fousheé blend beautifully with the lyrical talents of Lil Wayne in the alternative artist’s new song “Gold Fronts.”

The Edgar Esteves and Jon Primo-directed visuals that accompanying the new song radiates warmth. Shots of Fousheé walking between liquor store isles and sitting outside amongst her people are paired well with her lyrics about being resilient and not allowing the trials and tribulations of life to strip her gold front grills and personality away. Wayne then enters, doubling down on this theme, emphasizing over the strung instrumental that “They can’t take these gold teeth/ They can’t take this gold leaf that I just rolled up/They can’t take my gold blunt/Can’t tape my bullet holes up.”

When talking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about how the collaboration came together, Fousheé revealed that she got his verse after showing him “Gold Fronts” in peson.

“It started with Wayne DMed me, just showing love,” she explains. “I threw out the idea to work and he was with it. And I was so shocked. This is someone that I listen to him. I was just like… This is what a lot of those moments where I’m just like… There’s nothing like…. I got my sound effects too. That was planned. Yeah. So he agreed to work.”

She continued, “I went to Miami, I got there. It was just like, ‘What we working on?’ And I was so shocked because I’m like, ‘What? What? No, wait, wait. I’m just a bit like, can I just play some music first off?’ Played him a whole bunch of music. He played me some music. And I was like, ‘Wow. Can I do something to one of your songs?’ So I ended up recording to his songs and it took me so long to write. Because I was just like sweating.”

After he heard it, she was waiting to hear back from him with his verse. It came at the perfect time.

I had this birthday party. And it’s just such a beautiful night. We were linking up for the first time in a long time, just very intimate birthday party. And then he just texted me. He just texted, words, right here. Whoo. I was like, ‘Wait. No, no, no.’ I was playing music. I’m like, ‘Everybody, I’m going to play this song right now.’ And we all started running and screaming. He didn’t even start the real shit. We’re just like, ‘Oh. Yeah.’ But it brought me back to so many moments of riding around as a kid, us in whoever’s car, piled up in the car, just blasting away and screaming the verses. I thought it was the most beautiful verse I heard from him from a long time. I thought he really put his heart and soul into that. And it was a different side of him that we haven’t seen in a while,” she said.

Despite her nervousness, this wasn’t the first time the New Jersey artist connected with the rap legend. Fousheé and Wayne also linked up on his track “Ain’t Got Time” that he dropped in January of this year. 

Listen to Fousheé’s new, smooth song “Gold Fronts” featuring Lil Wayne up top.

Fousheé was also featured in a short film released by Amazon Music as a part of its Women’s History Month initiative. You can watch A Beautiful Thing, produced by Amazon Music’s R&B Rotation, below.