Fat Joe has responded to Big Pun’s widow Liza Ross, who has repeatedly claimed that Joe “robbed” the late rapper through their business together.

The legacy of Joe and Pun’s business relationship has long been a complicated one, but it recently kicked off again after N.O.R.E. defended Joe in a recent episode of Drink Champs. In the clip, N.O.R.E. asserted that Joe did not “rob” Pun, and he’s even seen the contracts they signed, which he called “standard.” He also claimed that Joe just wants an apology for Ross’ claims.

"Joe want me to apologize to him for me going after what was rightfully my families!?" said Ross in the comment section. "He is responsible for over $2.3 million in royalties that was never paid to Pun it’s all in the court papers! All public info!" 

In a follow-up comment, she also took aim at N.O.R.E. for what he said. “I promise you if you passed away and who ever your signed to takes all the money that was rightfully yours and leaves your wife and kids with nothing and homeless you don’t think your wife is gonna fight for what is yours and your kids," she wrote. "Ask HER!! Please I seen your wife she won’t play that. Stop it Pun is looking at you crazy!”