Eric: On first listen, I was a little disappointed he didn’t rap more on this album. After all the backlash he got from CLB, I was hoping for a couple more songs where he’d rap with a chip on his shoulder. But honestly, it’s a minor complaint. I’m sure he’ll rap more on the next Scary Hours EP (coming soon) and hearing him fully commit to one style throughout a whole album makes up for it.

Jordan: This is a dance album made for the summer time, which unfortunately might limit replayability for me outside of certain settings. I can’t imagine listening to a lot of these songs outside of a party or club, and many of them sound similar. You have to be in a specific mood for Honestly, Nevermind, as opposed to most other Drake albums that maintain some form of sonic diversity and have tracks that fit different occasions.

Jessica: Drake has always had a reputation for taking from other musical styles, but what I’ve appreciated in the past is his openness to share the spotlight with the original artists from that scene. I do think this was a missed opportunity to feature more new house music artists on this project.