Doja Cat pulled up to the neighborhood and chopped it up with Big Boy on Tuesday, and the pair got right to the major questions. 

Minutes into the conversation, Doja said she had been to the dentist shortly before sitting down with Big Boy, explaining her veneers had fallen out as she was eating a cookie. 

“They had to make sections of it, as opposed to one whole section to put over the teeth for temporary use,” Doja said. “And the little pieces started to move a bit because he wanted it to look good. … This side fell out inside of a cookie the other day when I was in the car.”

Eventually, Doja started picking her teeth out of the cookie and tossed the treat out the window, but things looked fine on camera after the fact.

Her chat with Big Boy also covered who she considers her celebrity crushes (including Jim Carrey), her take on cancel culture, and what it was like to work with the Weeknd on “You Right” off her new album Planet Her.

Doja explained that she played the Canadian superstar a few tracks—and had another one set aside for him—but he really vibed with “You Right,” which he turned around in a day after heading back to his studio.

“He’s a good friend of mine. He’s like part of my family, I feel like,” Doja said of the Weeknd. “We met maybe two or three years ago. But he’s the sweetest artist I ever collaborated with—no shade to anybody else. But he is top notch, the sweetest person, and brilliant, very talented. I was like, ‘Who would I be if I didn’t get him on this song or another song I had actually prepared for him?’”

On cancel culture, Doja shared that “it’s hard for everybody,” both people who “tear people down” and those “being [torn] down.” 

“But I choose to kind of focus on other things. I would rather do other things,” she said. “It’s easy just to open up your phone and look and do all this stuff, but that’s not what’s important. I literally just put out an album and I am so excited, my teeth are new.”