You also mentioned something about the album being a little weirder. What makes a song too weird? And I’ve heard you use that word before, too. Are you glad that the word “weird” can be used in such a positive context?
I think when I say “weird,” it’s more just things that stick out like a sore thumb. So with Hot Pink, that wasn’t the issue for me. That wasn’t something I wanted to avoid. I liked it being all over the place. And I felt like it gave it a vibrant touch to the album to have those stick-out-like-sore-thumb moments. But for this album, I worked with one producer, Y2K, who has a very specific style. He’s good at classic pop, but he does add hip-hop elements into them more often than not, and I wanted to stay true to that. I worked with other producers on this project, but I wanted it to feel more sparkly and pretty and high-energy, and less like a circus. I don’t know how to really describe it. But I mean, when you listen, it’s just very clean. I wanted everything to be very clean. I had songs that maybe sounded too Prince or a little too hip-hop or something. The thing is, “Ain’t Shit” is the one stick-out record on the album. I feel like I was OK with that, because that song meant so much to my fans and meant so much to me. So that one gets a pass. But yeah, that’s kind of how I feel about the weird, weird tracks.

This year, you dabbled in acting with Dave. Are there any other mediums that you’ve yet to explore that are on your radar?
My big thing that I really want to do in the future is acting, and I don’t know how to get in there. You know, people have offered some things in the past. And it’s always been that I need four months at a time to do those things. But I don’t, because I’ll have an album coming out. During Hot Pink, that whole rollout sort of got in the way of other things. I mean, in the future, I’m definitely trying to see if I can send out my schedule for stuff like that, because I really do love improv and I’m really into the idea of getting into acting. People told me I should act, too, so I might as well try. 

What do you think the positive reception of Planet Her—whether it be the awards or the crowd feedback last weekend—has taught you about what you’ve been able to do with the project?
It taught me a lot of things as far as strength. More specifically, vocal strength. Like, I’ve pushed myself for this project. And to be on stage during the songs, I felt a lot more comfortable. I definitely was out of breath at certain points. And it hurts when I watch those moments, but I’ve grown a lot, just in the physical realm as far as the vocals and dancing. These songs are made for that. The songs are made for dance. The songs are made for further expression in that way, so I’m excited to do that in the future.