DJ Toomp, who collaborated with Kanye West on Graduation cuts such as “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Good Life,” spoke with B High ATL this week about his thoughts on ‘Ye’s forthcoming album Donda

The Atlanta producer was present at the Donda listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium last month, and opened up to B High about what he heard and what he thinks the project is missing.

“I hope the album doesn’t sound like this,” Toomp said at the 8:57 mark, referring to the lack of drums in Donda’s production. “If I was in the studio with ‘Ye, I’d say ‘Is this shit gonna drop anywhere? Cause you build us up and we thinkin’ that shit finna go crazy but right when you think a beat’s gonna drop, that shit go to another song.’”

“That’s why I was like ‘This album must not be finished,’” Toomp added. 

Of course, Toomp has reason to believe the album is unfinished. Kanye has reportedly been living in Mercedes Benz Stadium as he puts the finishing touches on Donda. Meanwhile, Live Nation has confirmed the second leg of ‘Ye’s listening party will go down on August 5 at in Atlanta, with friends and collaborators of the rapper saying that Donda will subsequently drop this Friday. 

Later in his discussion with B High, Toomp admitted that he’d love to help his former collaborator with finishing the project.

“I would really love to help him put that album together,” the Atlanta producer said at the 12:40 mark, later adding that he’d like to hear more than just top-tier production on Donda. “I want to hear some more lyrics, man. Definitely beats. But as far as the artist, I want to hear lyrics. Where that shock value at that he usually brings, ya know?”

While praising Kanye for assembling a slew of major features on Donda, with Jay-Z and Lil Baby rumored to among them, Toomp ended by telling B High that he’s most looking forward to Kanye getting deep on the long-awaited LP.

“He just got out of a divorce, so there’s a few things that he wanna pour out personally on that album,” Toomp said at the 29:00 minute mark. “It may be a real personal album. If you naming this Donda after your moms, where’s that mom record at that’s gonna make every n***a whose mom ain’t here no more feel like it’s their favorite shit on the album.”

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