Who among us hasn’t daydreamed about making enough money to never take a train again, over the scenic views of Old Mill station?  What commuter hasn’t barred through a tunnel delay on a crowded cart?

“Green Line,” a new track by GTA rapper DijahSB featuring Terrell Morris, is the product of a signature sound we’ve come to know lately. Lo-fi harmonious synths and off-kilter percussions surround Dijah’s foray into a singing hook: “On the green line riding 45 minutes just to get home, there’s not much more to see.”

Dijah tweets this about the inspiration behind the track: “my next single is dedicated to toronto, and the shitty realities we face living here, but I hope it somehow makes you feel good about the small loveable parts of being here. if you’re not from toronto, if you’ve ever had to rely on public transit, u gonna feel this one the most.”

Finally, a song for us struggling commuters. For those of us whose stops are at the very end of any line, a trip to the heart of the city can take over an hour one way. The lyric “and as soon as I get some money out there I’m gone, there’s nothing more for me” accurately captures all of our thoughts as we endure another trip on the TTC.  The melancholy yet hopeful bars along with the dream, lo-fi beats make the perfect soundtrack for our never-ending train rides home. 

Following the single’s release today, the rapper will be dropping an EP on Feb. 23. Dijah explains what listeners can expect from the follow-up to their sophomore project, Head Above the Waters: “It’s gonna be like the album, but better.”