Last night, Dave announced that the follow-up to his 2019 debut album, Psychodrama, would be arriving later this month under the title, We’re All Alone In This Together. Then, this morning, GQ published a cover story with the South London rap star, where he spilled a lot of behind-the-scenes details as well as the context of the album itself.

The title, Dave explains, came from a conversation he had with the iconic film composer Hans Zimmer, when the two worked together on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series in August last year: “He was like, ‘Dave, remember, we’re all alone in this together.’” Later in the interview, he adds, “I haven’t spoken to him since. He’s gonna pop up and see my album’s called We’re All Alone In This Together and be like, ‘What the hell?’ It’s a long album title, but it’s about the time we’ve all just had.”

Where Psychodrama detailed Santan’s life’s journey up until that point, We’re All Alone In This Together appears to take us in a different direction: “For my story, I get to delve backwards now, rather than forwards—that’s the sick thing,” he says. “I feel like Psychodrama was me aged zero to 20. Now, I get to go from zero backwards in time and explore stories from before, stuff that led up to the events of the first album: heritage, history, culture, my family, the countries that we come from, the regressive state of humanity...”