DaBaby has had an explosive run so far filled with accolades and hit records. Because of this, DaBaby feels like he’s the best rapper alive and that his presence frightens his peers.

“Best mf rapper & I’m on ALLLAT shit these n***as LIE about,” DaBaby declared in an Instagram Stories post on Monday. “I’m him frfr. If a n***a ain’t tryna work with the real thang he SCARED. The best supposed to compete w/ the best These n***as just TALK like they like dat SHUUUUT UP.”

It doesn’t seem like DaBaby is taking direct jabs at anyone, but his comments about being what rappers “lie about” comes after DaBaby was reportedly connected to a shooting in Miami. A member of his entourage, 21-year-old Wisdom Awute, was charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm for the shooting earlier this month. Wisdom reportedly shot a man in the calf following a verbal interaction.