DaBaby recently shared a new song called “Sneaky Link Anthem,” and some fans weren’t feeling his pivot to a newer, R&B-influenced sound. 

A frequent criticism of DaBaby’s music is that he utilizes a similar flow in a lot of his records, but “Sneaky Link Anthem” sees him moving out of his comfort zone. The cadence of his voice is still familiar, but he’s going for a less rap-oriented approach on the track. As HotNewHipHop noted, he got a lot of hate for the song on Twitter

Well, it seems DaBaby caught wind of the reaction to this song, which he appeared to address on a recent Instagram story.

In the clip, DaBaby can be seen watching the video for “Sneaky Link Anthem.”

“They hate on me and it’s okay,” he then says with a shrug after turning the camera to his face. 

Despite the poor reception, DaBaby dropped another song called “Couple Cubes of Ice.” It also sees him trying something new, this time delivering a higher-pitched hook than we might expect from him, while also sticking firmly to his monotone but rapidly delivered verses. 

Check out the video for “Couple Cubes of Ice” below. 

DaBaby also recently faced criticism over his very public and very volatile relationship with DaniLeigh.

“I appreciate y’all DMs,” she recently wrote on her Instagram Story when addressing the ongoing drama between herself and DaBaby. “And the stories y’all are sharing with me… I see a lot of women relating to me… And I can’t wait to inspire more and to grow into the woman I’m supposed to be … Thank you for your love and motivation.”