Rising producer Chillpill kicked off the year with his Rico Nasty and Soleima collab “Lil Bitch,” and now he’s got another star-studded track out.

This time around, Chillpill has recruited the likes of YBN Nahmir, Cousin Stizz, and Teejayx6 for “Moonwalk.” The hard-hitting new track is another example of what Chillpill is capable of, bringing three relatively disparate rappers under one umbrella. Stizz handles the hook and offers up a verse, while Nahmir and Teejayx6 both contribute one verse each.

“I was in the studio with Stizz and he just went in the booth and freestyled his verse and hook all in one take," Chillpill said of the track. "After that, whenever I was in a session, I would just play it—and everyone just started jumping on it! Actually, if you listen closely to the record—in the background you can hear everyone in the studio chanting having a good time. I love that and really tried to keep the rap cypher type vibe.”

Nahmir and Stizz echoed the sentiments of Chillpill, with the latter noting the session “was fun as hell” and “a good vibe.” Nahmir added, “Y’all hear that beat? It goes hard AF! How could I not jump on it and ‘Moonwalk’ on that beat bitch?” The release of the song is accompanied by an Among Us-inspired lyric video, which can be seen above.

Listen to “Moonwalk” above via a YouTube lyric video or here with Spotify: