TMZ has learned that the next episode of the Facebook Messenger series Cardi Tries will feature Cardi B giving her husband Offset a tattoo with the instruction of celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. 

The original plan was for Offset to be the only one who got tatted, but he ended up convincing her to get matching ink. Hurtado, who previously tatted the Migos member, served as a chaperone for the two, who decided to get their wedding date, 9/20/2017, on their hands. As an added touch, the dates are vertical and match up when they are holding hands. 

Last month, Cardi shared on Twitter that she was seriously considering whether or not to get a face tattoo. “Random but I’m 1% close to tatting my son’s name on my face. I really really wanna do it!” she wrote, adding that if she were to get it done, it would be on her jaw. 

It was a change of heart for Cardi, who revealed last year that she came close to getting her face tatted when she was teenager. “Everyday I’m thankful at the fact that ain’t get this face tatt I wanted when I was 16,” she wrote about the piece, which would have been “little stars from the top of my eyebrow swirling down to my jaw.” 

Meanwhile, Offset got a face tattoo of his daughter Kulture’s name along his jawline, shortly after she was born in 2018. Offset, who has five children, has all of his kids’ names tatted somewhere on him.