Cardi B has hit back at a Twitter troll in a series of tweets after they accused her husband Offset of cheating on her with fellow rapper Saweetie.

The Twitter user, who identified themselves as a Nicki Minaj fan and claimed to be her stylist but has since made their account private, attempted to antagonize Cardi for hours on Wednesday. The individual asked Cardi when she was going to pay up in one of her legal cases, in particular a lawsuit from 2020 related to a bar fight that turned physical. 

“Why you lying on me and those girls for I have a open case EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC offering money will not benefit me and actually get me in real trouble for making up anything cause you decided to come for me after coming out of jail for stealing 3K worth of clothes,” Cardi tweeted in response. In a follow-up tweet, she denied that anyone involved in the case stole clothes from the other. 

The user then proceeded to highlight Offset’s criminal record, which consists of a few minor drug offenses and weapon possession charges. "Ouuuuuu my man got a couple weed charges and gun charges cause he ain’t no Pussy and was a hustler," she continued. "Rather dick slinging then taking Pussy from bitches ….you bringing my n***a up trying to get me mad …LETS NOT TALK ABOUT HUSBANDS NOW."

Cardi, who seemed to buy into the user’s unverified claim that they worked with Nicki, accused the Twitter troll of making up lies about her “with no receipts.” 

They continued to bring up Offset, which Cardi understandably didn’t take too kindly to. “The beef is between me and you yet you brought up my husband, your friend,” she tweeted. At this point, they then accused Offset of being unfaithful. “No baby you lying!” Cardi wrote. “You makin crazy lies starting shit and putting female rappers in it WIT NO RECEIPTS, no blog ever spoke on this all of a sudden you come out of jail 5 days ago and you made up lied for 2 hours wit NO RECEIPTS!”

As the situation started to settle down, Cardi blasted them for suggesting the back-and-forth was all a PR stunt. “Girl you defending a n***a that went on live claiming you was paying bitches to have threesomes wit you and your trick,” Cardi wrote. “Let a n***a fight his own battle that he started! I’m the bad guy and I need stunts when n***as come at me 24/7.”

Offset, who is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with his former record label Quality Control, has not commented on the allegation.