For the first time in years, Britney Spears is set to speak in court on the status of her conservatorship.

On Tuesday, per the Associated Press, court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham III informed Judge Brenda Penny in Los Angeles Superior Court that Spears had requested a chance to address the court. Ultimately, Ingham and Penny agreed on a June 23 date for Spears, which marks the first time since May 2019 that the influential pop icon has spoken in such a capacity. 

During the 2019 appearance, however, the courtroom was sealed and nothing went public. And while the judge may close the upcoming hearing to the general public and the press, Spears has notably been pushing for a more transparent approach to the recent proceedings.

Back in February, Penny overruled an objection from the attorney of Britney’s father, who was arguing that he shouldn’t be required to relinquish certain powers and previously granted rights while working with new co-conservator The Bessemer Trust. In a statement shared with the press at the time, Ingham noted it was “no secret” that Spears doesn’t want her father—Jamie Spears—to remain a co-conservator.

More recently, Spears’ attorney filed a petition requesting that her father resign as conservator. According to reports, Spears’ attorney had also requested Jodi Montgomery to be made the permanent conservator.

The documentary Framing Britney Spears, directed by Samantha Stark and released earlier this year, detailed—among other things—the years-long effort of a legion of fans to “free Britney.” After its release, the documentary has inspired other stars—including Kim Kardashian—to reflect on their own mistreatment by the tabloid infrastructure. 

“The way the media played a big role in [Spears’] life the way it did can be very traumatizing and it can really break even the strongest person,” Kardashian said in March. “No matter how public someone’s life may seem, no one deserves to be treated with such cruelty or judgment for entertainment.”