Boosie Badazz is going back to school. In a video posted to Instagram, the 39-year-old rapper announced that he’s enrolling in Mississippi’s Jackson State next semester.

“I’ve been coming to Jackson since I was 14, and I love y’all,” Boosie said in the video. “Y’all love my stanky drawers and I love y’all back. And I just wanted to tell y’all that y’all always been supportive of me and it’s a big secret I wasn’t going to let it out, but I’m enrolling in Jackson State next semester.” 

Boosie added that he wants to “see how it feel to walk around the campus,” and he wants to “talk to girls with a booksack on.” “I wanna feel normal,” he added after the people he was speaking to in the video expressed their support. “I miss that part of my life. So I wanna enroll and be able to walk down the thing and go to class and try my brain cause I still have matter up there.”

The announcement comes after Boosie sought to quell any misinterpretations people had about his relationship with Lil Nas X, whom he’s made a few homophobic comments about over this past year. “All my gay fans love me,” he said in an interview with VLADTV. “I don’t even know where the other hate be coming from...I don’t have problems from gay people when I see them. I really just have problems on social media.”

He added that he doesn’t consider Lil Nas X an enemy and but stands by his homophobic comments despite the backlash and death threats he received in their wake. “He done caught me at the wrong time, I was having a bad day,” Boosie said in regards to his most recent homophobic rant against the Montero rapper. “You know, I was losing my grandmother you know I was going through a lot of shit, and I’m the type, you know how I am, you bite me I’mma bite back.”

Check out Boosie's announcement in the video above.