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With the way Jack Antonoff has been moving, it’s almost like we’ve been getting a new Bleachers album every week. But this week, we actually get a new Bleachers album. 

Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night, the third studio album from Antonoff’s indie-pop project, dropped Friday and now Saturday’s looking a little less sad. The pop mastermind, who has manned the production on Taylor Swift’s folklore, Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell, some material with Bruce Springsteen (which he was proud of), and recently Clairo’s latest effort Sling, hasn’t slowed down much in the last year or two. Still, this marks the first time fans are hearing from him by himself since 2017’s ’80s-inspired Gone Now

Antonoff announced the record back in May when he dropped some info alongside lead single “Stop Making This Hurt,” which came complete with a boogie-sesh-in-a-diner music video. Jack also teamed up with Jason Isbell earlier this month on their 7” exclusive, which included a Bleachers cover of Isbell’s track “Dreamsicle” and Isbell covering Bleachers’ “45.” Proceeds for that project went directly to the Ally Coalition. 

In a recent chat with Billboard for a digital cover story, Jack revealed that, like many artists, the pandemic had a major effect on the new music he was bringing to the table. 

“We played like we might not play again—that’s not something I have ever done before,” the 37-year-old said. “The songs could have sounded very different, and that was a really beautiful thing about this album. The pandemic was so on fire, and the sound of the band was so joyous and so driving that it felt like the songs were cleansed of cynicism. That’s the thing about albums and writing—you’re always working from a place that’s at least a little bit beyond what you can fully understand, which is why you do it, because if you can fully understand it, then it’s not really interesting to you.”

Listen to Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night below: