Last month Benny the Butcher inked a record deal with Def Jam, and now he’s addressed concerns from some fans that he’s about to sell out.

“Signed my major deal finally,” Benny wrote in November, confirming he had joined the label. The Buffalo, New York rapper has long been an independent artist as part of Griselda, so some fans shared enough concern about him joining the majors that they DMed him or hopped in his comments. Benny answered the concerns in a video on his Instagram Stories, making it clear he’ll remain true to himself regardless of what label he’s with.

“You n***as who be in my DMs, who be in my comments saying like, ‘Yo don’t let Def Jam do this, or don’t let Def Jam do that.’ What y’all on?” Benny said. “What y’all think, a n***a work this hard and was this self-made for this long to get somewhere and let somebody tell me, ‘You know what, you can’t do it like this no more, you gotta do it like this’? Y’all gotta use y’all fucking brains before y’all start thinking shit like that.”

The rapper, who was first announced as a Def Jam signee during Snoop Dogg’s recent interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, made it clear that his new home won’t change his music or his attitude. “I’m a boss, you feel what I’m saying? That’s how I got here, by making my own decisions, and they understand that,” he continued. “So, stop saying shit just to say it.”

In his post confirming his signing to Def Jam, Benny thanked the Griselda Records family and “big unc” Snoop Dogg, who is a creative consultant executive at the label.

“I just signed Benny the Butcher, and he is one of the hardest rappers up out of Buffalo, New York," Snoop told Joe Rogan. "So that’s showing that there are no more lines to be crossed. We are doing what we’re supposed to be doing. The Butcher’s coming.”