You guys held the release party for I Never Liked You at Drake’s house. What were your favorite memories from the party? 
I got to the party a little early. Drake, I won’t say he was tired, but he was chilling. He ended up going to his bedroom. He was telling me, “Man, let me know when Pluto pull up.” And then two hours later, Pluto still ain’t pull up. Then Pluto finally got here. So Drake came downstairs all refreshed, like he was downstairs the whole time. That was kind of funny to me. [The party] ended at like seven in the morning. We was partying, chilling in the studio, making music.

Y’all were working on more music during the party? 
We never stop working. That’s the difference between real artists and people who just do it because they think it’s a thing.

So there’s potentially more Future and Drake collaborations in the vault? Will we ever get those? 
We just got to find out.

“[Kanye told me] that everything don’t need the same drums. It’s OK to switch it up and be different.”

What was it like working with Kanye on Donda 2?
It was a learning experience—a big learning opportunity for music, life, and everything. I was learning new ways to work, hearing new vibes, and getting a lot of motivation. 

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from Kanye while working on the album? 
That everything don’t need the same drums. It’s OK to switch it up and be different.

He told you that? 
Yeah, he definitely did.

What’s it like getting such blunt advice from Kanye? 
I won’t say it’s harsh. He’s real. People only think he’s harsh if they can’t accept what’s real.

How did you first meet Kanye? 
Future linked us, because Kanye asked about me. So I flew to LA with [Future] for Christmas, and we was just making music.

Do you know when Donda 2 will ever be released on streaming platforms? 
I feel like it will be one day. I have no clue.