Chances are you recognize Ant Clemons’ signature red beanie and his breathy, staccato singing style. They’re even stronger that you’ll know several of the songs he’s penned, like the certified platinum “Damage” by H.E.R. or “Hit Different” by SZA and Ty Dolla Sign. But you may not know much about Ant Clemons himself, even though the singer/songwriter earned a Grammy nomination for his 2019 album Happy 2 Be Here. Fortunately, we recently got a chance to talk with Clemons about his purpose, his career, and how he’s helping others with their mental health. 

First, it’s clear Clemons has put in work and that the awards noms are more than warranted. Over the course of his short career, he’s collabed with the best of the best, including Kanye West, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, and Camila Cabello. Clemons is living his wildest dreams in a way that’s undeniably authentic and pointedly just for him. 

But that kind of success comes with pressure. When asked about his journey, his music, his mental health, and how he holds it all, together Clemons’ explanation is simple. He operates with strict intentionality and a keen belief that God is orchestrating his every step along the way. His faith is how he maintains his peace of mind. It’s how he stays the course.