YG On His Recent Shooting Incident: "I'm Very Hard To Kill"

He also says he's about halfway done with his next album.

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In his first interview since he was shot earlier this monthYG says that he feels lucky, and that he left the hospital the night of the shooting. In a conversation with Billboard, YG shed some light on the situation, and said that it happened out of the blue and was not gang related like some speculated. He also cleared up the confusion with his wounds, and said that he was shot only one time and not three, but that the one bullet caused three wounds.

During the ride to the hospital to treat his injuries, YG said that they actually got into a car accident and totaled their original vehicle when they ran into a median to avoid another car. "Take me to the hospital, because I can’t die," YG said. "We hop in my homie’s car and bam -- we got in a car accident! We hit an island trying to avoid another car. We had to hop out of the totaled car, hop in another car."

On a different note, YG also talked about his new album, Still Krazy, which he was recording at the studio during the shooting, and said that he's actually about halfway done with the project. When the album will drop is still a mystery, but YG also said that DJ Mustard will probably have a song on the project despite their past issues. Read YG's full interview with Billboard here

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