Wale on Meek Mill Going Against Drake: "I Think He Brought a Pencil to a Gun Fight"

He also dropped two new songs.

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Wale is the latest artist to weigh in on the Drake and Meek Mill beef, and though he's affiliated with Meek and MMG, he was pretty open about the whole situation. He doesn't think Meek calling Drake out was a great look, and said that he's tried to reach out to Meek, but they haven't spoken since the beef started. 

He went on to question whether or not Meek was really prepared for the beef with Drake, and thought he went into it with a "pencil in a gun fight." "He could have wrote 'Ether 3.0.' The opinions of the people would have been that of their boy from Canada waxed him," Wale said. He further broke down the drama, and said that Drake releasing his songs via Apple vs. Meek releasing through Hot 97 and Funk Flex played a major role. "It's people who don't even listen to rap who are Drake fans, like a lot of them," Wale said. 

Of course, Wale has had his own issues with him in the past after Meek called him out on Twitter for not tweeting about his album. Wale recently snapped a picture with Drake on his Instagram, but said that they didn't really talk about the beef in person. Meek has stayed out of the public spotlight a bit more recently, but it will be interesting to see his reaction to Wale's thoughts on the situation, especially with their own deep history. 

You can also stream Wale's two new songs—"Illuminate" and "New Phone"— below. 

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