Tyga Talks His Relationship With Kylie Jenner, Cash Money, and Drake On "The Breakfast Club"

He also touched on "Fan of a Fan: The Album" and the "Between the Sheets" tour.

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As the "Between the Sheets" tour rolls through NYC, Tyga took some time out of his day to stop by The Breakfast Club for a quick interview in the studio. With all of the drama that popped off between Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian yesterday, which involved Tyga and his relationship with Kylie Jenner, Tyga decided to first speak on that and tell his side of the story. According to Tyga, he says that he is not currently dating Kylie Jenner, who is 17 at the moment, and wanted to make clear that he has a solid relationship with his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna and their child together. Tyga said he has always been close with the Kardashian family and that the media is making it look like him and Kylie are in a relationship.

Tyga also talked about the business side of his life and his recent fallout with Birdman and Cash Money Records. Without going into exact specifics of the situation, Tyga said that he doesn't blame Lil Wayne at all for anything and that without Weezy he wouldn't even be in this situation to begin with. Tyga also addressed his ongoing issues with Drake and the shots on the song "6 PM In New York," and once again said that it's not even really beef, but just the fact that he doesn't like Drake as a person based on personal experiences between them.

Tyga and Chris Brown's upcoming project, Fan of a Fan: The Album, is slated to drop next week, and can be pre-ordered on iTunes here.

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