John Singleton Says the Tupac Biopic Is "On Hold"

Singleton revealed he had the script and family blessings, but other circumstances are in the way.

Image via AllHipHop

At this point, it feels like the Tupac biopic might never come out, even though director John Singleton said that he has the script and family blessing for the film. In a recent interview with XXL, Singleton said that he is putting the project on hold due to some matters he didn't reveal. Singleton originally signed on to direct the film in February, and it then seemed like the ball was rolling on the production of the project. "It’s a very intimidating because, like I said, you just want to get it right. I think the picture is not going to be good unless it’s offensive to some people," Singleton said. There is no timetable on when the production of the film might start back up. Read Singleton's full interview here.

UPDATE 4/7/15: According to Slash Film, John Singleton might be out as director of the Tupac biopic. No official announcement has been made, but the report states that Carl Franklin will now direct the long-awaited film. In the past, Franklin worked on House of Cards, Homeland, High Crime, and more.

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