The D.O.C. Reveals He's Regained His Voice

His vocal cords were crushed in a car accident 26 years ago.

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Legendary West Coast rapper, The D.O.C., recently revealed on Twitter that he has regained his voice and is looking to start making music again. D.O.C., who was a frequent collaborator and co-writer for N.W.A., was in a car accident in 1989 that crushed his throat and vocal cords. The tragic accident occurred just five months after he released his debut album, No One Can Do It Better, which Dre produced. Following the accident, D.O.C. shifted focus from making his own music to helping write for the likes of Dr. DreSnoop Dogg, and many more West Coast artists.

During the Twitter Q&A, D.O.C. revealed that his voice came back on its own while he was in jail, but he's yet to start recording new music as of now. Most recently, D.O.C. was mentioned as the link between Dre and up-and-coming rapper, Justus, who was featured heavily on the Compton album. 

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