Talib Kweli Goes Off on Don Lemon About Coverage of Ferguson Riots

Talib was upset that Don Lemon kept cutting him off during the interview.

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Talib Kweli appeared on CNN today to speak with anchor Don Lemon about the ongoing riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown. Talib was very critical of Lemon and CNN during the interview for their coverage of the events, and said that their accounts of the situation didn't match up with what was really going on and what he saw first-hand during the protests.

"I feel like it was important for me to be here and control the narrative, because the media has been doing a horrible job of making sure the stories get out," Talib said of the media coverage on Ferguson.

The rest of the interview consists of Kweli and Lemon going back and forth about Talib being upset at Lemon for not letting him speak during the conversation. Above is the official video of the interview via CNN, while additional footage below shows a little bit more of the heated exchange than the network released.


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